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The English Department at Hinchley Wood School is a large department whose staff have an equally wide range of interests and specialisms.  The team is highly experienced and includes staff who are exam board markers.  There is a keen focus on reading challenging texts including The Hunger Games in Year 7.  The department works with Art and Drama to produce a volume of work on this topic.

The department also offers a range of trips for all year groups and areas of study.  Theatre trips to London, weekend trips to Stratford upon Avon, Media trips to the BBC all happen as opportunities arise.

There is a strong staff/student relationship within the department and staff run revision and catchup sessions regularly and by appointment as students need help.  We are fortunate to have a linked Teaching Assistant who can work with students who need an extra boost.

Department Staff

Mr A Tickett - Head of English, teacher of Classics

Mrs F Strevens - Key Stage 4 Co-ordinator, teacher of Media

Miss V Barker - Key Stage 3 Co-ordinator, teacher of Media

Miss K Lillico - Head of Media, teacher of English

Mrs G Garrido - English teacher

Ms M Cachia - English teacher, Deputy Head of School

Mrs G Budd - English teacher

Mr J Cahillane - English teacher

Miss S Maxwell - English teacher

Mr S Campbell - English teacher

Mrs M Frain - Librarian

Mrs C Sellars - English Teaching Assistant

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